Friday, September 16, 2011

Season 4

I've been missing in action!

Sorry that the last few episodes of Season 3 escaped my reach last year, although I hope to get back to them later on. Ahsoka still sort of gives me hives, so The Most Dangerous Game episodes just sort of made me yawn on initial impact. Oh well. Say *** for the animation. I loved, loved, loved the Prison Break episodes, though. Absolutely awesome.

Looking forward to Season 4 and coming back strong with some episode reviews for you all.

I'll also say that I have my copy of the Star Wars Complete Saga Blu-Rays and frankly...they're awesome. Even though there are changes to the original trilogy (get with the program or don't, but quit complaining people); there are also some changes to the prequels for the eagle-eyed. Good ones I think.

Anyway, I'm back.