Monday, February 7, 2011

Season 3, Episode 14 - Witches of the Mist

The third part of the superb Nightsisters trilogy of episodes doesn't reach the emotional heights of the middle episode, Monster, but it's a more-than-satisfying finale. It also announces a more ambitious outlook for the Clone Wars as it's own series.

The rousing introduction of Savage Opress for viewers, is an alarming act in the Clone Wars universe. Obi-Wan and Anakin are sent locate this new warrior and stop him. Of course, they're not aware that they're merely side players in a power struggle between Asajj Ventress and her former master Count Dooku. Like much of the Nightsisters trilogy, we're privy to an expressed philosophy of the Sith and their lionization of power. This is all about what it means to be Sith.

In a scene reminiscent of General Grievous introduction is the original Clone Wars microseries, we see Savage humbled by Dooku. These lessons are not only a way to expose Savage's comparative crudity; but lay a path for the final act of the episode. We see Dooku at his most powerful and in his element, expressing his power, explaining his beliefs, and abusing a servant.

Of course, Opress is designed as a Sith weapon, and a deadly one. This episode sees the death of a character first introduced in the premiere of the series, King Katuunko. I have to admit, I was surprised by the suddenness and ferocity of this character's death, especially because he was always shown to be particularly noble and particularly willing to stand up to the Separatists. A worthy reminder that standing up to the villains is brave because it can, in fact, cost you your life.

Inevitably, this episode leads to and out-and-out lightsaber battle between Dooku and his estranged apprentices, as well as the Jedi. The battle itself is cinematic and played well into the various styles of the combatants. It felt a little bit arbitrary (a lightsaber duel to close things out, as usual) but it was excellent action for action fans. The results of the battle were a tad more inviting: Ventress still on her own, and Opress severing his ties with Dooku.

The final moment seemed more designed to get water cooler chatter than to make much sense. Intriguing? Sure. Logical? Maul was chopped in half. What could possibly be more dead than that?

Rating (out of five): **** 3/4


Jordan Thompson said...

Yeah, I thought this was a great episode except for the fact that Obi-Wan and Anakin serve no purpose other than to fight Savaage Opress. And about the Darth Maul thing, maybe it's a Force ghost like Obi-Wan except this time it was created by the Dark Side.... Whatever the answer is, I can't wait until they reveal it!

Kisho Meteora said...

Great review and a great episode, can't wait to hear your thoughts on Mortis