Monday, November 8, 2010

Season 3, Episode 8 - Evil Plans

I wouldn't say it's actually bad because it's just so bizarre that it's worth watching. I love the droids, and it's nice to watch them have their own episode. Anthony Daniels continues to be the hardest working man in Star Wars.

I do think, though, that I hope that we'll see more of the Artoo and Threepio from A New Hope. Notably, that Threepio is not the funny one in that duo...he's the straight man. Watch it again. Artoo is beeping away what are undoubtedly rude or off-color comments, and Threepio is offended or horrified. Lately, we see Artoo seem amused by this Felix Unger counterpart. But to me, Artoo is the one with all the jokes. We just only hear half the line: that's what's funny.

Not too much to add to review this episode other than it made me half-smile and half-scratch my head. You have to sort of see the Artoo gets a massage/Threepio gets tortured scene to believe it.

Thank the Maker next week is something worth getting excited about: Quinlan Vos. (Sadly...Zirro.)

Rating (out of five): **

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David D. said...

Watching myself, I also found myself reflecting on the fact that there really is quite a lot of torture in Star Wars. Droid and otherwise.