Monday, June 21, 2010

What Was The Best Episode Of Season 2?

I've added a poll to the sidebar. One week of voting. Just thought it'd be fun. If you disagree with my choices...oh well. My blog. I make it up. You might, though, let me know what you think I missed in the sidebar.

I'm hoping to update with a new poll each week on Mondays.


Alex Johnson said...

Landing at Point Rain was certainly a standout for me, but my favorite episode of the entire season was Children of the Force.

It had a great story, great action and the various locations were visualized very, very well. Not to mention Cad Bane was in it!

Well, love the blog. Keep up the work when the next season comes about. :)

Thom said...

Concur; Children of the Force was, I believe, the best episode of Season 2, and of the whole series thus far.

Rose said...

Landing at Point rain is 1st, but
R2 Come Home was a close 2nd!

Nikki said...

Hello! :D

For me, Weapons Factory was best. It had an epic battle (OK, not EPIC, but good) and a good plotline.

Plus, it actually kept my 12-year-old niece (Rose) quiet for five seconds while she sat there open-mouthed, not believeing that Ahsoka had died. ;) After that, she started screaming loud enough to wake the dead.