Friday, January 29, 2010

Season 2, Episode 11 - Lightsaber Lost

Lightsaber Lost, the eleventh episode of Season 2, gets a resounding *shrug* from me. (Therefore, prepare yourself for my shortest ever review!) It felt like we received lessons with a subtlety hammer (Don't Lose Your Lightsaber! Slow Down, Youngster!). It also made Coruscant look, in places, a bit empty. No small feat. Most of the episode is a chase sequence, which I felt was perfectly fine, but hardly inventive.

I generally liked Tera Senube, a new character and I'm always happy to see the showrunners give us something we haven't seen before. Still, this sort of aging detective felt a bit cliche. 'Slow and steady wins the race' is a great lesson for this show's younger audience, but it bored the heck out of me.

And, finally, I'd love to see the "underworld" of Coruscant treated with a bit less disdain by the Jedi. There's a moment early in the episode when Ahsoka sees a citizen coughing in the street. He isn't committing a crime and we don't see his face. But she turns her nose up to him. Not exactly a compassionate response to what looked like...poverty? Yeah. That's the word.

Extra star for a few new characters and a nod to Attack of the Clones. Still, this episode was firmly aimed at the "new generation" of Star Wars fan. Meaning: ages 10 and under.

Rating (out of five): **


Anonymous said...


Many thanks for your blog regarding this great series.

Just wanted to add a comment, did anyone else notice Ahsoka has shown a similar temp to Anakin? She seem to be quite aggressive when she had tracked down the individual whom stole her light saber. I liked that, as she stated once her master will use some non-conventional Jedi ways to get answers. Also dam that female was very Jedi like in her abilities Ahsoka was chasing down.

Thanks again for the blog.

Meghan said...

I thought the title was kind of boring. if you get what i'm trying to say. it gives away the plot of the episode.

great blog! here's mine: