Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Boatloads of Clips from the Season 2 premiere of The Clone Wars

On TFN they've posted a ton of great clips from the Season 2 Premiere. Wow. I'm definitely looking forward to this season!

Season 1 was exceptional, but clearly evolved from the first episode to the last. Still, technology is only half the battle. Certainly it seems like the animation has become better and better, and Star Wars is always a visual feast. The storytelling, though, is the centerpiece. The Ryloth Trilogy was better animated than the Malevolence Trilogy...but Malevolence was a lot more satisfying as a story. What I'm happy to hear is a focus on what appear to be engaging character arcs. The kiss with Anakin and Padme in the final clip below, for example, is the sort of moment that elevates the stakes in even the most clumsily edited battle.

I'll be revisiting my ratings for the season when the Season 1 compilation comes out on Blu-Ray.

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Check out the clips below!

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