Wednesday, January 21, 2009

By the way

John Williams provides music for the Inauguration.

TD Jakes says "May the force be with you" to Barack Obama on the day of the inauguration.

George Lucas attended the inauguration.

We were well represented on the big day it appears, oh Star Wars fans.

It occurs to me, re-watching Episode III, that the prequels were very much commentary on the Bush era.


Benton said...

One of Anakin's lines in Episode III, "If you're not with me, then you're my enemy," is supposedly taken wholecloth from a George W. Bush quote.

Thom said...

One of the whole problems with the prequels was the modern-day politics the Maker stuffed in there. I don't watch Star Wars for commentary on American politics. It's supposed to be escapism!

CloneWarsFan said...

I think that the best fiction uses what's happening in the era. Many Shakespeare plays have references to current events (Macbeth with the Gunpowder Plot) that we don't maybe catch, but still informed the work.

Even if future generations don't immediately catch the references to Bush era politics, it's layers like that that can make a work more complex and interesting.