Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Is the Clone Wars part of the EU?

Do you think that The Clone Wars is a part of the Expanded Universe?

Could you safely call the 2003 miniseries canon until this series is complete?

My attitude is that any incomplete story can't really be Canon.

Or can you see a way in which the 2003 series and this new one can exist side by side?


Dave Williams said...

Has there been anything in this new series which precludes the existence of the earlier cartoon?

I haven't watched the cartoon for a while but my recollections are that you could slot the episodes together from both into a chronological order with things like the initial introduction of Grievous in the cartoon. Without the toon then coming right from Ep 2 into the current series there's way too much unexplained.

Personally I enjoyed the toon but didn't like some aspects of it. While it was cool to see Jedi being powerful I think they took it way overboard. I prefer the handling of the new series.

However I'm unusual I guess, in that I'd be quite happy for Lucas to go back and re-make the prequel films using this animation (and hopefully with competent animation directors giving us a better end product).

Obi-Dan17 said...

I wish I could find where i read this previously but the best mesh of The Clone Wars (2008) and Clone Wars (2003) is the evolution of Anakin. During the first 20 episodes of Clone Wars, Volume 1, Anakin is still a padawan. It is not until episode 21, Volume 2, that Anakin becomes a Knight. Since only Jedi Knights are given padawans as part of there way to becoming Masters, The Clone Wars could only take place after episode 21 of Clone Wars. Then there is the ending of volume 2, which is a perfect segue into Episode 3. So by this logic, which is a condensed version of what I read months back, this new series could only take place between episodes 21 and 22. Oh ya, also there is the length of Anakin's hair. Padawan short up to epi. 20, RotS long in 21, in between during The Clone Wars.

So thats what I think, but of course we will have to wait until the end of the series to know for sure whether the 2 series are both canon in the Star Wars mythos.